PerfAccel Caching

Cache Level Control - Intelligent & Dynamic Data Placement For Optimum Performance

Intelligent Active Data Cache


PerfAccel Caching is the only I/O solution that provides both data analytics and application I/O controls to dramatically increase storage management performance. The unique software solution operates at the file level, not just block level, providing a new kind of performance analytics - enabling very prescriptive movements of data, for maximum control.


PerfAccel software provides an active data movement technology that moves IOPS to the server, delivering the capability to separate performance from capacity. By moving hot data closer to the CPU, latency is reduced and throughput is accelerated. And with the ability to control the I/O path, server utilization is also increased, because servers are no longer waiting on storage.


Move up to 80% of the storage workload to the server

Storage visibility through deep file level analytics within complex grid environments

Higher performance with fewer SSDs used optimally

Accelerates and uses any available storage: SSD, DAS, iSCSI, SAN

Real-time monitoring over time to ID trends and patterns for future capacity planning


Intelligent R/W

Intelligent read, write-through, write-back caching

Channelize I/O

Create swim lanes for specific types of I/O

Suit Storage To Application

Control storage behavior for each application

Pipeline Control

Pipeline control matches the most appropriate storage resource to the various data types

Contextual Analytics

Gathers meaningful insights from logical groupings of process, process ID’s or process groups, providing the necessary intelligence to create optimal performance

Predictive Analytics

Collects data over time, deterministically predicting future capacity and performance related outcomes

Performance Analytics

Identifies issues related to file level latency, throughput, IOPS and bandwidth

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