PerfAccel Analytics

Rich File & Context I/O Analytics for your Applications and Storage

Intelligence for Deep Application I/O Profiling


PerfAccel Analytics software agents deliver real time operational intelligence into application I/O performance, providing unmatched insight into I/O use. By tracking data movements down to the file level, new opportunities are created to reduce I/O latency and accelerate every application I/O in the grid.


The ability to discover and analyze the usage patterns and trends of network data is empowering for network administrators. PerfAccel provides this intelligence to fully utilize resources, in the server, network and storage, to improve storage performance. It is now possible to improve ROI of the existing network before having to invest in additional hardware. And use PerfAccel's Caching Mode to optimize the planning and placement of future purchases.


Server level intelligence, application I/O performance

Storage visibility through deep file level analytics

Higher performance with fewer SSDs used optimally

Storage cost reduction through server optimization

Real-time monitoring over time to ID trends and patterns for future capacity planning


File Level I/O Analyzer

Measures IOPS, latency, throughput and bandwidth at individual file/folder/node or entire grid level

Active Data Identification

Identifies hot data, monitors open/close, cache utilization, read hits/misses, writes/misses

Contextual Analytics

Gathers meaningful insights from logical groupings of process, process ID’s or process groups, providing the necessary intelligence to create optimal performance.

Predictive Analytics

Collects data over time, deterministically predicting future capacity and performance related outcomes

Simulated Acceleration

Models caching behavior to size future cache/SSD requirements – via simulation functionality - aiding in purchase decisions

Performance Analytics

Identifies issues related to file level latency, throughput, IOPS and bandwidth

Real-time Graphical Display

View system health through latency, throughput, cache utilization, read hit/miss, write/miss


Storage metrics, trends, predictions, and notifications

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