Implied in the quest for higher levels of performance is knwoledge of what is happening in the system, as well as the ability to monitor time series changes. Basically, to move it faster, you have to see it better!

DATAGRES' PerfAccel solution gives IT leaders visibility and monitoring capability of critical I/O parameters and data delivery operations, at grid level, storage level, node level, app level, process level, and all the way to individual file level.

DATAGRES' PerfAccel gives administrators capability to:


  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • Cache utilization
  • Read hit/miss, write hit/miss
  • Hot files
  • Hot data
  • Nodes, locations & projects

Visibility capabilities include configurable dashboards and reports that provide a comprehensive view of infrastructure and operations.

Reports cover storage metrics, trends, predictions & notifications, forming the foundation for SAN planning, performance tuning, workload management, and other storage management functions.

PerfAccel enables monitoring and trouble shooting of performance issues as they arise.

Administrators can:


  • Downtime patterns
  • Storage outage patterns
  • Challenges within the NAS appliance & trouble areas in IOPS
  • SSD requirements
  • Data placements of NoSQL database deployments

PerfAccel delivers this visibility through real time graphs and reporting tools, empowering administrators and IT leaders to know everything there is to know in their storage environment.



Using the insight generated on critical I/O parameters and data delivery operations, PerfAccel allows administrators and IT leaders to make ‘data aware’ modifications to I/O pathways and data movements in the grid, to improve performance of the storage and impact productivity.

Through PerfAccel’s robust routing algorithms and I/O controls which are completely transparent to the application, OS and storage, PerfAccel enables administrators to:

  • Control the data pipeline – vital to scalable delivery
  • Increase server utilization by controlling the I/O path
    • Servers no longer wait on storage
  • Create swim-lanes of Specific types of I/O's
    • De-multiplex and untangle
  • Add communication channel through the stack
    • Optimize every layer
    • Control storage behavior by application
  • Drive application level SLA and SLO’s for performance

PerfAccel is a data orchestration tool that enables administrators to balance workloads, shape data traffic, and reconfigure data paths dynamically – with no changes visible to the applications.

The PerfAccel GUI was designed with the purpose of making “active data” management and acceleration achievable through a simplified management system, that allows data to work smarter, not harder.

Application Acceleration


Visibility and real-time reporting on critical data parameters,allows administrators to make ‘data aware’ decisions regarding data pathways and data movements, in order to boost data delivery speed.

PerfAccel delivers to administrators the Holy Grail, a seamless high performance solution, without additional storage!

Using PerfAccel administrators can improve performance by:

  • Placing data closer to the CPU and the Application
    • Dynamic Data Distribution and Placement
  • Accelerating and intelligently use any available storage resource for its cache
  • Performing file-level caching on the server
  • Performing intelligent Read only, Write-through, Write-back, caching and distributed (coming soon)
  • Off-loading as much as 80% of the storage workload from the server
  • Reducing latency
    • The time users have to wait on storage

DATAGRES' PerfAccel maximizes storage performance at the file level, boosting read/write speeds across physical, virtual, rack, data center, and grid environments.

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