Traditional grid networks keep data away from the server, relying on expensive NAS and SAN storage to retrieve and deliver the data that applications require, while CPUs remain idle.

DATAGRES’ PerfAccel makes intelligent data movement and management possible, in a grid environments and large data centers.

Through a data analytics and management console, PerfAccel enables administrators to move hot data intelligently and to manage as well as scale, easily in a massively distributed environment.

Data Aware Grid With DATAGRES

In massively distributed environments, such as 1000 server grid environments, varying workloads present challenges in data management. As a consequence, it is very difficult for administrators to plan for different workloads and make data movements to nodes, so that CPU idle time is reduced.

To make such optimizations and intelligent data movements in the grid, calls for a certain awareness of data, its movements as well as insight into workloads

Built on data analytics and adaptive data intelligence, PerfAccel gives administrators the following capabilities:

Visibility of workloads & data movements

Delivery of data where computing is repeated

Delivery of the right data to the right place

Manage & Scale

Awareness of “active data” also gives administrators the capability to manage the data easily, and to make it work smarter, rather than harder.

Through a simplified management system, administrators can:

Monitor & improve application specific IOPS

Direct policies that accelerate

Plan & scale IOPS expansions

With such data awareness and dynamic data management capabilities, administrators receive the following gains:

  • Reduce the latency of data movement
  • Maximize CPU utilization
  • Improve productivity and shared computing cloud/grid/cluster
  • Create efficient policies within the grid through simplified a management console
  • Reduce time-to-market

Perfectly suited for managing dynamic data, intelligently!

PerfAccel is built to manage dynamic data, intelligently!

Through a thorough insight into the I/O in the system, PerfAccel enables administrators to understand the dynamics of dynamic data in their environment. PerfAccel helps you identify data that is frequently used and to hold and manage dynamic data within the cache itself.

This intelligence coupled with adaptive data management control and capability, makes the PerfAccel platform perfectly suited to deliver improved performance and productivity, at significantly lower costs.


Driving improved performance with lower costs, in virtual environments

As businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of server virtualization and software defined data centers, software designed data environments are a significant constituency.

PerfAccel was designed keeping virtualization in mind. PerfAccel provides granular visibility and intelligence of the active data, helping administrators to identify what data is managed by the cache and what can be off loaded to less performance critical storage.

PerfAccel also empowers administrators with top level policy and management capabilities to manage web-hosting to large scale cloud infrastructure, as well as drive higher levels of performance, at a reduced cost.

With PerfAccel , you can have :

  • faster VM reboots and application I/O performance
  • fewer storage network traffic and application slowdowns due to high storage latency
  • reduced cost of storage

PerfAccel is ideal for XEN, KVM, and VMware virtual environments.


Transparent & non disruptive deployment

PerfAccel can be deployed within minutes, without disruption to your applications, servers or existing storage.

PerfAccel is totally transparent to the application. It’s architecture has been designed in such a way, so as to necessitate no modifications to be made to applications.

PerfAccel is easy to use, easy to deploy and in a completely transparent and non-disruptive manner.

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